Tiffany Malakooti

Selected Work
Naudline Pierre, What Could Be Has Not Yet Appeared, James Cohan Gallery, 2022
The Animal Within / Das Tier in Dir, mumok/König, 2022
Is it morning for you yet?, the 58th Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, 2022
Lifes, Hammer Museum, 2022
Prince, Nicole Eisenman, University Museum of Contemporary Art, 2021
Lucy Raven, Dia Art Foundation, 2021
Reza Abdoh [publication], Bidoun/Hatje Cantz/KW/MoMA PS1, 2021
Aditi Machado, Emporium, Nightboat Books, 2020
Sturm und Drang, Nicole Eisenman, Radius Books, 2020
2 Lizards [shirt], 2 Lizards by Meriem Bennani and Orian Barki, 2020
Sad Sack, Sophia Al-Maria, Book Works, 2019
Baden Baden Baden, Nicole Eisenman, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden/Walther König, 2019
Model as Painting, Pieter Schoolwerth, Sequence Press/Miguel Abreu, 2019
Crocodile, Leidy Churchman, CCS Bard/Dancing Foxes Press, 2019
Duets Series, Visual Aids, 2014-Ongoing
Is It Soup Yet?, Hayley Silverman, Bodega, 2018
GWTW, Hannah Black, 2018
A-------A, Hannah Black at Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, 2018
Owens, Laura, Whitney Museum of American Art, 2017
No to the Invasion, Hessel Museum at CCS Bard, 2017
Risk Expanded, Camilla Wasserman, 2016
Dirty Looks Volume 1, 2016
The Fool, Cyrus Grace Dunham, Curse of Cherifa Press, 2016
Manette, Rodeo Gallery, 2015
Sand Rushes In, Sama Alshaibi, Aperture, 2015
The Notion of Family, Latoya Ruby Frazier, Aperture, 2014
HEAR, HERE, Jeanine Oleson, New Museum, 2014
Betty Woodman, Salon 94/Skira, 2014
disOWN, Dis Magazine, 2014
Herstory Inventory, Dancing Foxes Press, 2014
Excerpts From See Dog Read, Aimee Goguen, Curse of Cherifa Press, 2014
Weather, Ulrike Muller, Callicoon Fine Arts, 2014
The Enclave, Richard Mosse, Aperture, 2013
The Breakup, Michael Rakowitz, Lombard Freid Gallery, 2012
Human Prayer Book, Hayley Silverman, 2012
Quantum Light, David Benjamin Sherry, Salon 94/Damiani, 2012
Miscellaneous Uncatalogued Material, Triple Canopy/MoMA, 2012
Tout Tati a Tanger, Cinematheque de Tanger, 2010
How to Begin: Envisioning the Impact of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Ozge Ersoy, CCS Bard, 2010
Sharjah Biennial: Provisions II, Sharjah Art Foundation, 2010
Bidoun, 2008-Ongoing
Vernon: Void City, Sci-ARC, 2008
The Feeling is Mutual, Mathew Cerletty, Rivington Arms, 2007
Goin’ Postal, Art Metropole, 2007